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How much do you know about The Office romances?

Mon, 07/23/2007 - 10:51AM by Lindsb 0 Comments -

The mushy stuff is just as good as the comedy, folks. Take a crack at the romance quiz (offered by the convention staff) to see what you know about who's doing what - err, who - on The Office. Good luck!!


Whimsical ScarJo

Fri, 03/30/2007 - 11:58AM by Lindsb 0 Comments -

Scarlett is looking mighty whimsical in all of these Louis Vuitton ads.. she's joining an army of starlets that have posed for Louis (Kate Moss, JLo, Diane Kreuger).. I consider them fashion royalty at this point.



Fri, 03/30/2007 - 10:38AM by Lindsb 0 Comments -

So, last night my friend surprised me with 7th row tix to the Justin Timberlake show in Jersey!! My birthday is in a couple of weeks, so it's my early present!! We weren't allowed to take in cameras, but I did get a few pics with my cell!! Definintely a GREAT show. I'm not a huge Pink fan, but her show was really interesting.. she was doing acrobatics in the air on these pieces of fabric hanging from the ceiling.. very cool.

Justin was gorgeous, as usual.. and GET THIS!! I met Timberland!! All the sudden I look over and he's standing right next to me.. Hahaha. Seriously! What are the odds!? My pic with him came out so dark because of the lighting.. but.. oh well! Enjoy my pics!!

B-B-Bust a MoveB-B-Bust a Move
Video Taping himself during What Goes Around.. Video Taping himself during What Goes Around..
Gettin Jiggy With a Female Dancer.. grrGettin Jiggy With a Female Dancer.. grrDuring a group danceDuring a group danceBreaking it down with the guitaristBreaking it down with the guitaristGetting speared by a laserGetting speared by a laserMe and TimberlandMe and Timberland


The Jimi

Mon, 03/26/2007 - 11:30AM by Lindsb 0 Comments -

I am one of those rare girls that hates carrying a purse.. which in turn means I don't carry wallets either. I carry my license, debit card, and cash in whatever pockets are available (jeans/coat, etc). I know this is a dangerous habit.. but, I just find purses unnecessary most of the time. I can't even fill the smallest ones half way. All I need is my chapstick and my money!

Anyways - I'm on the hunt for any type of small wallet/case that isn't bulky. I want to be able to put it in my back pocket and not feel like it makes my a** look 10 times bigger.

Help! In the meantime.. I found The Jimi.. It looks cool. I am still keeping my options open (any advice?!), but in the meantime.. I think I might order one of these..

The Jimi.. aquaThe Jimi.. aquaThe Jimi - magentaThe Jimi - magentaTHe Jimi - Safety OrangeTHe Jimi - Safety Orange

Here are a few of The Jimi's! Jimi™ wallet is a compact, water resistant and colorful alternative to that stodgy, old wallet that attracts old receipts and out of date library cards like a paper magnet. Jimi™ wallet holds just the essentials: five cards, a few bills, and even has a detachable money clip if you need to go super slim. Jimi™ wallet actually fits in your front pocket, but you can also carry it the slimmest of bags, or around your neck on a lanyard (which makes it a perfect student ID holder/wallet).

And to top it all, Jimi™ wallet is manufactured in the US from100% recycled materials, and 1% of its sales revenue is invested in the environment.

You can go here, to the Jimi website, to learn more about them.. or purchase one. They are $14.95 each.


Razor Soap

Mon, 03/26/2007 - 11:13AM by Lindsb 0 Comments -

For some things there is a need, for others.. maybe not. I think this new product falls into the latter.

I'm going to go ahead and say that the average user would be wasting a lot of the soap.. I, for one, would ditch the bar once it started to get within 2 inches of the blade. No thanks.. don't need to be a cutter today.


My most favorite couple ever.

Thu, 03/22/2007 - 1:06PM by Lindsb 0 Comments -

Bye bye, Rachel and Adam.. Hello, Rachael and Ryan. :love: I have loved these two together since I saw the Notebook.. I should say since I cried all the way through the Notebook.. then when they kissed at the MTV Movie Awards.. (sigh).. Cheers to my most favoritest couple ever!

At the teen choice awards.. He looks so great with no hairAt the teen choice awards.. He looks so great with no hairHow adorable!! Rachel looks great with dark hair!How adorable!! Rachel looks great with dark hair!Okay, that's super hot.Okay, that's super hot.Aw, he so loves her.Aw, he so loves her.


This is scary for anyone who travels by plane!!!

Thu, 03/22/2007 - 11:19AM by Lindsb 0 Comments -

In case you are planning to travel soon.. please read. This is scary! Recently, there was..

an actual crack in a Northwest DC-9 window frame! Fliers beware of the sub standard maintenance on the airplanes that you fly on. This is an actual crack that was found in the window frame on a DC-9. I'll definitely think twice before flying Northwest.

Haha.. Thought I would try to make you all laugh today. Someone got me earlier, so I thought I would pass this on.. ;)


The who's who of the Earth's NOT so ECO friendly celebs..

Mon, 03/19/2007 - 1:44PM by Lindsb 0 Comments -

So, as I covered the celebs that make huge efforts to protect our environment.. I came across some celebs that DON'T.

The Beckhams were criticized for being one of the world's most environmentally unfriendly celeb couples. The couple own five houses (England, Spain, France, United Arab Emirates and Los Angeles). Flying between these homes and making other foreign trips in high polluting jet airplaes as well as owning 15 cars, most of which are gas-guzzling 4x4's, means the Beckhams wracked up an estimated 15,000kg of carbon emissions last year. This figure would be equilvalent to driving around the world in a typical family car, TWICE.

The Top Gun star is so disliked by the eco-lobby he has been dubbed "emissions impossible". He is reported to own three private jets - including a recent $20m (£10m) purchase for wife Katie Holmes. There's a story, never denied by Cruise, that he sent one of those private jets just to pick up some groceries for Katie. But the good news is that the vegetables were organic.

John Travolta once starred in a movie about bringing industrial polluters to justice, but in real life he probably has the biggest carbon footprint of any Hollywood star. He parks his personal Boeing 707 on his front lawn - next to his three Gulfstream jets and a Lear jet. Rather appropriately, he has called his home "Jumbolair". He's already logged 5,000 hours as a pilot - but he did at least put his skills to good use transporting food to victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.


The who's who of ECO friendly celebs..

Mon, 03/19/2007 - 1:34PM by Lindsb 0 Comments -

So, with Earth Day approaching (April 22) it got me thinking of all the celebs that do great things with their notoriety. Here are some of my favorite celebs that help out with our environment in big ways..

Jake claims making 'The Day After Tomorrow' made him incredibly aware of the changes in our environment. Jake is doing his share to fight the climate change. He recently paid $10,000 to plant trees in Mozambique.

Leo has purchased a Carribean island, intending to spend millions transforming the 104 acre island, off the coast of Belize, into an eco-friendly retreat. The resort is designed to protect the wildlife and tropical surroundings. He is also creating a documentary about the global environment.

Matt Damon is becoming famous for his hybrid car love. "Why would you ever drive a regular car? There's no reason to. These cars are just as good, they're just as fast and they use less gas, so I don't understand why everyone isn't driving one."

Orlando is the face of the ClimateStar.org campaign to stop global warming. Kevin Bacon and Mischa Barton are also part of this campaign.

Cameron is trying to influence the younger generation, the MTV generation by lecturing about environmental protection in colleges and through her show, Trippin.


A Whale's Vagina

Mon, 03/19/2007 - 10:26AM by Lindsb 0 Comments -

Soo, I sorta had a crappy weekend. I was on vacation all week in San Diego (which means A Whale's Vagina.. according to Will Ferrell, haha.. :rotfl: )(Tell me you've seen Anchorman).. Anyways, I got stuck in the airport until 2am due to "landing gear failure"!! Seriously.. as an airport, who goes on the loudspeaker and announces failure of landing gear.. They must secretly love the mass hysteria.

I didn't get home until 5am on Friday.. which meant I was calling out of work. We got over a foot of snow that day, which left me trapped inside. Saturday I pulled every muscle in my back shoveling out my car. That sucked. I tried to lighten my mood and go out for ST. Patty's day.. ( :woohoo: 100% Irish, baby :woohoo: ) but that was a bust because my cousin got way too drunk and required damage control. Ugh.

At least there was some good TV on last night. Haha. I came into work this morning to a whole new world. My company sold themselves to a company called, Frontier! So I walked into all these banners reading, "Welcome to the new Frontier!" Haha.. I felt like I was getting ready to hop on the Oregon Trail!! I am hoping I do't get dypheria before the day ends.